ATTENTION: WGK (white goth king) HAS BEEN FOUND. His name is Aaron crites. Many people were looking for him and trying to find him over social media. What sparked this wgk craze? A gif posted, seemingly out of the blue, by @youngghotebony on Twitter. The gif showcased a close-up of Aaron sticking his tongue out and smirking that paired with his long hair, nice lips, and goth attire won over the hearts of many thousands of people (including mine.) Aaron was on an episode of the "Maury" show in 1999 of makeovers done to "freaky teens"( WGK being one of them) this would make him about 34 years old now. Thousands of users on social media scoured the web trying to find Aaron now to see if his make over stuck and how he was doing generally after this episode. During the search some few users posted family pictures of Aaron with his ex wife and kids. After more than a week of searching people finally got into some form of contact with Aaron Crites (made difficult due to his lack if social media) during which he politely made it clear that due to the exposure of family photos from a few people he had no wish to be a part of this. If you OR anyone you know has posted family pictures of Aaron Crites PLEASE DELETE THEM so that we can maintain the privacy he desires. Thank you guys for being a part of this movement. ❤ #wgk #findaron #Aaroncrites

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