Recently we have all come across very disturbing news that has directly and indirectly affected all the women we know and love. That being said, we have to stand up for our loved ones and all the victims, survivors and women of this country. As men, we need to help reduce the stigma that has silenced all these women and aided in their suffering. We must create a peaceful setting in which everyone feels comfortable and safe sharing their misfortunes. Rape, sexual harassment and sexual abuse is never acceptable and cannot be excused. As men we need to give women the same respect and credibility that we give each other. Why does it take 50 women to tell their story for it to receive the attention it deserves whereas 1 man will always be enough? These victims have enough to go through following their experiences that they do not need to feel judged, misbelieved and looked down upon by a society that fails to change. We, as men, are failing these women if we are not giving them the pedestal that they deserve to speak and get justice. So for those of you who are sympathizing with abusers of any kind and finding excuses for their behaviors, stop and think about your mothers, sisters or even daughters. What if it was them? It is extremely unfortunate that in our society women are afraid to come out and tell their stories without fear of judgment. However, this can change if we MEN steer away from this idiotic misconception that a rape victim should be shamed. I hope that Ahmed Zaki will be held accountable for his actions and that these victims will be awarded the justice they deserve.

11 week ago

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