Actor, Writer, Creative Director, Makeup Artist Melbourne | Athens 🇬🇷🇦🇺 Vicky Kosta on WENTWORTH @foxtel @netflix Rep: KAM


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  • Happy Stage 4 Lockdown everyone✌ Excuse me while I get back to losing my mind 🧠
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    31 week ago
  • Thanks so much to all the Wentworth fans I met over the last couple of days - you guys are incredible! I'm so grateful for all your love and support from all over the world! Thank you Kiana from @wentworth_con for hooking this up! You are an actual gem! Sorry if I forgot to mention your city! I am overwhelmed with Wentworth love! Let's buckle up for season 8! I cannot wait! Much love to you all! Xx Artemis aka Vicky Kosta • • • • • • • • • • • • #wentworth #Wentworthprison #VickyKosta #ArtemisIoannides #Wentworthcon #comicon #meetandgreet #wentworthcorrectionalcentre #avlu #avludizi #wentworthfans
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    33 week ago
  • Δύο χρόνια χωρίς τη Βίκυ - Βασιλική όνομα και πράγμα. 🌸 Kind, warm and vivacious, my giagia could- and would - talk to anyone. Everyone was her "darling". She would always laugh at her own stories and sing while she clickity clacked on her high heels. She was a sensitive soul, emotional, nostalgic, romantic. She loved old Hollywood movies and would always wear a fresh flower behind her ear. When I was a teenager I used to tell her all my secrets - almost. She was the most gorgeous and stylish woman ever. Always rocking heels, hats and gloves, big beautiful coats and matching umbrellas - she was a style queen. She would travel around the country on her own by train - visiting people and places and would come to our door in Athens unannounced with her umbrella and hat like a glamorous greek Mary Poppins. She believed in me endlessly and always said I just had to be an artist. She even posed for a portrait once. Μου λείπεις γιαγιά, μακάρι να είμαι λίγο σαν εσένα. ❤
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    33 week ago
  • My new makeup studio is ready and set up - but Melbourne is in lockdown - so I guess my own face will have to do for now 🤷‍♀️ • • • • • • • #mua #melbournemua #melbournemakeupartist
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    33 week ago
  • Getting a new passport ironically
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    34 week ago
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