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Aya El Kolaly

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  • ...كنبة الزعل و الندم
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    25 week ago
  • ..get your SHIT together 🤍 ( #skincare #hairmask #innerpeace #tannedskin )
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    26 week ago
  • ..saying hi these days 💋! #keepyourdistance #2020
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    27 week ago
  • ..been trying to lift my mood all week. went to the hairdresser. gave myself a facial and hair mask. ate pizza. still feeling pretty low! LIKE LOW AS LOW CAN GET. sometimes you need to just accept that and embrace your bad phases instead of fighting them. so here i am embracing bla bla UGH!! : / #thistooshallpass #THISTOOSHALLPASS #PASS #MeandmyMonsta
    4 371
    28 week ago
  • ..trust a few and do no wrong to anyone... When someone hurts you, understand that they are struggling internally. Instead of filling your head with toxic thoughts against that person (thoughts that would actually do you no good but disturb your inner peace), try and give them the benefit of the doubt. Know that there must be a reason to why they are acting in such destructive ways. And most importantly, don’t let their issues become your problems rather wish for them to heal and keep your distance to protect your energy. 🤍 (and a cute picture of me that has absolutely nothing with my #wisewords)
    42 828
    28 week ago
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