Victoria's volunteer fire and emergency service. 🚒 Tag us at #cfavic ☎️ 000 in an emergency 🚨 This account is not monitored 24/7.

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  • When a fire occurs in your home, know your plan. 〰️ Don't re-enter the home once you've evacuated and always call triple zero in an emergency. 〰️ Do you have a home fire escape plan? Film yourself practising yours, and make sure you tag us in your stories! 〰️ #CFAVic #VolunteerFirefighter #firefighter #community
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  • Shortly after 2pm yesterday, Langwarrin Fire Brigade and Baxter Fire Brigade were called to a boat fire in Langwarrin. Crews worked quickly and were able to contain the blaze to the interior of the boat. Well done to all members on scene 🚤 〰️ 📸 Langwarrin Fire Brigade/Baxter Fire Brigade 〰️ #CFAVic #firefighter #volunteerfirefighter #volunteering #community
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  • Beyond the numbers, these individual stories tell the personal impact coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on Victorians and their families. This campaign shares the effect the virus is having on individuals, and through telling individual stories, reminds us all we have a part to play in helping slow the spread of coronavirus. Associate Professor Craig French, head of ICU at Western Health, sees first-hand the terrible impact coronavirus has on patients every day. He witnesses the painful separation patients have from their families who are unable to be with them, including in their final moments.
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  • Each year, ex-CFA jackets help keep those in need warm throughout winter 🧥 〰️ The woollen jackets are donated by members and distributed by charities, and help to provide a bit of comfort for those doing it tough ❤️ 〰️ 🎥 @avaloncentre 〰️ #CFAVic #volunteerfirefighter #volunteer #community
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  • Earlier this week, Baxter Fire Brigade and Pearcedale Fire Brigade attended a car fire in Langwarrin South. 〰️ Crews worked quickly to stop the fire from spreading and were on scene for 45 minutes. 〰️ Well done to all who attended! 〰️ 📸 Baxter Fire Brigade #CFAVic #Volunteer #VolunteerFirefighter #Community
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  • Around two years ago, one of our members Mandy experienced a fire in her home caused by faulty electrical equipment 🔌 Mandy knows just how important it is to have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom and living space 🏡
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  • Do you have smoke alarms in all bedrooms and living areas? 🚨 One of our volunteers Hilton explains why he has smoke alarms in his home , and why it's vital they are in bedrooms 🏡
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  • Did you know that only 1 in 10 Victorian households have smoke alarms in recommended locations? In the last 10 years, 22 people across regional Victoria have died due to fires in their bedrooms. Install interconnected smoke alarms in every bedroom and living area in your home. It could save your life.
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  • The Bayswater Fire Brigade’s Breathing Apparatus (BA) Truck has been called to five incidents in the last week. The BA truck helps to support brigades during fire calls across the state, and makes sure their BA equipment is in good working order. 〰️ In the past week, the truck and its crew have helped out at incidents in Boronia, Upwey, Olinda, Aintree and Capel Sound. 〰️ We urge the community to be vigilant around potential fire hazards in the home this winter, whether it be heating your home or cooking. Great work to the BA team and all crews at these incidents! 〰️ 📸 Bayswater CFA 〰️ #CFAVic #volunteerfirefighter #volunteer #community
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  • Alex White is 3rd Lt at Mansfield Fire Brigade, and was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 7 years old. As a volunteer firefighter, Alex must take certain precautions and measures on and off the fireground to ensure he stays fit and healthy. 〰️ For National Diabetes Week, we chatted to Alex about what this means and how his brigade have supported him 🚒
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  • Unlike that mysterious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - our fireys from CFA and @firerescuevictoria are always there when when you need them - rain, hail or shine! ⛈⛅️☀️ Wodonga Station had one of the better views when the clouds had cleared after the weekend's rain 🌈 #cfavic #cfanews #fire #rainbow #wodonga #firefighter #bomvic #bureauofmeterology #frv
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  • After the devastation of last fire season, communities are banding together to help others get back on their feet 💪 〰️ A number of brigades in the East Gippsland region have been recipients of donations from their local community and have been able to purchase equipment through these donations. CFA’s District 11 were able to purchase a portable generator to be used across the region where it’s needed most, helping many across East Gippsland. 〰️ A lovely example of community spirit 🚒 〰️ #CFAVic #volunteer #firefighter #victoria #community #VictorianFirefighter
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