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  • Congrats to my little sister Kelly she’s getting married next month!!! First time going back to Cleveland in almost 10 years! Funny she’s 30lbs smaller since this pic and I’m 30lbs bigger 🤣🤣🤣 SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP - FOR ONLINE COACHING DM ME ! On sale Men or women! 1-2-3 & 6 month plans CUT✔️BULK✔️FATLOSS✔️COMPETE
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    1 week ago
  • It’s crazy how back in the day we’d wait every month for new muscle magazines like, flex, MD and muscle and fitness to come out, and now you just hop on Instagram and the rest is history.... I wonder what’s next after Instagram... Throwback with @jasonellisphoto - LET ME COACH YOU TODAY! DM ME Men or women, 1-2-3 & 6 month plans CUT✔️BULK✔️COMPETE✔️FATLOSS
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