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  • ❤️🖤#idiotprayer
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    2 week ago
  • So lovely out there this morning. #maskupmelbourne
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    3 week ago
  • So many lovely blooms blooming! 🙏
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    3 week ago
  • Brekky fave. Potato curry, roti and some chunky kimchi. 🙏 Spicily fortified and ready for Friday. PS - It’s Friday! 💛 PPS - have not started this book yet!
    13 285
    4 week ago
  • Yesterday I made a couple of Julia Child white loaves, inspired as always by @rhondahetzel . This bread is so delicious toasted or grilled with cheese. Grab the recipe at @dinnerwithjulie . And don’t do what I did and use oversized loaf tins. Standard tins = the best FOOFED up loaves for this recipe!
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    4 week ago
  • In a bowl mix 4 cups bread or plain (or your fave) flour, 2 tsp dried yeast, 1 tsp salt. Add enough warm water to mix into a sticky, scruffy, wet-ish dough (just stir in bowl, no need to knead). Brush with olive oil and rise until doubled or overnight. (Better flavor and texture if you go overnight.) press into oiled tin. Poke with your fingers to make indentations. Top with oil and herbs and sea salt. Bake in a full bore oven until golden and puffy! Too easy. Foccacia! (A traditional bread from Italy, made by me, inspired by Nekoniwa)
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    5 week ago
  • Hello and I hope you are okay. Xx
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    5 week ago
  • Skipped breakfast: giant lunch!
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    5 week ago
  • 📔📙📒📕📗📘
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    11 week ago
  • 🧡🙏
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    11 week ago
  • Family thyme!
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    11 week ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️
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    12 week ago
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